Old Continent — New Opportunities?

On April 20th, 2017 I was invited to Wroclaw, Poland to the second edition of a series of international conferences on European integration and sustainable development.

In my talk After the Crash is Before the Crash — the Links Between Financial Crises, I presented the model by Charles P. Kindleberger, who found different connections between the latest financial crises: the Latin American crisis from the 70s, the Japanese Asset bubble, the Asian crisis, the Russian crisis, the dot.com bubble, and the subprime crisis. His model is the basis for a research project with my two Ph.D. students David Großmann and Sinan Tıraş.

The speaker and guest list of the conference was top-class, e.g. Christiane Botschen (Deputy Consul of Germany in Wroclaw), Dr. Edward Wasiewicz (Honorary Consul of Austria), Kajus Hagelstam (European Parliament), and many many more.

I am deeply honored and thankful to Dr. Izabela Schiffauer from WCB Wroclaw for iniviting me and giving me the possible to talk about the risks of financial crises in Europe. Izabela and Peter have been wonderful hosts and organized an amazing conference where we have had the opportunity to gain new insights and make new contacts.