5th Crowdinvesting Symposium

On October 6th, 2017 the 5th Crowdinvesting Symposium „The Regulation of FinTechs“ took place at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

The symposium has been organized by Prof. Dr. Lars Hornuf and Prof. Dr. Lars Klöhn. The idea of the symposium is to bring together academics and practitioners to exchange and discuss the most recent FinTech ideas and trends.

There were many high-class speakers and guests invited, which makes the symposium a high-level event with great discussions and feedback. So I was very honored to be a part and to be allowed to present our paper on robo-advisory and to discuss a paper on how to regulate robo-advisors.

In fact, the storm „Xavier“ made it tricky to travel to Berlin on this day. Some speakers wee not able to catch their flights or trains. But the organizers have been creative and flexible and used video calls, so that most of the planned presentations and discussions took place.

In sum, it was a perfectly organized and beneficial event with the possibility to meet extraordinary people. Thank you for this great opportunity!