Report: HSBA Study Trip to Hong Kong

From October 9th to 13th, I traveled to Hong Kong with 16 HSBA B.Sc. students and Sinan, my Ph.D. student.

This year, our destination had to be Asia, since five out of the top ten Global Financial Centres are located here. Currently, Hong Kong is third in the ranking, so we were curious what the city offers… besides a huge harbor and many, many skyscrapers…

Hong Kong… the name is program… it means „Fragrant Harbour“ — and indeed, the different odors are the first thing I experienced after my arrival in the city. Spices, food, tea, but also different smells from which I better do not know their origin…

On Sunday, our group has met the first time in Hong Kong in a small restaurant called  Sabah in Wan Chai. Here, we learned that in Asia the term spicy has another meaning than in Europe.

On Monday, we were invited in the Hong Kong branch of Ipsos Business Consulting and learned about IPO’s in the city. In the evening, we visited together a typical Chinese restaurant called Dai Pai Dong, where we socialized by eating on a table with a rotating disc to easily share food.

On Tuesday, we visited the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, home of the Hang Seng index and learned about the past and future of the exchange. Following, we got to know the commodity business from The Cloudminer. And we enjoyed the evening in the Ozone Sky Bar in Kowloon on the 118th floor.

On Wednesday, we experienced the data analysis center of KMPG, which was truly an eye-opener for future business. In the evening, we joined the Happy Wednesday Horse Racing – the motto was „German Oktoberfest“.

On Thursday, we stayed at the Business School of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, one of the top 50 global universities. Their Bloomberg room is to envy. Then, we went to HSBC, where we saw the archive and learned about Hong Kong’s financial history and the development of one of the largest banks worldwide. Another highlight was the sunset from the peak and the spectacular view of the skyline from above.

On Friday, last but not least, we had a representative from Privé Managers as our guest, from whom we learned how consulting processes can be digitized.

In sum, the program was fantastic and our study trip to Hong Kong was an extraordinary experience, where East meets West!