Hostile Takeovers: Are Banks Threatened by FinTechs?


FinTechs aim to revolutionize the traditional banking sector. However, it is unlikely that they will develop large disruptive potential in Germany. The New Institutional Economics helps to predict in which banking divisions FinTechs are more likely to succeed. If the start-ups are unable to build up customer confidence and to generate real added value, then it seems to be more promising to cooperate with banks than to challenge them.


Peter Scholz (2018): Hostile Takeovers: Are Banks Threatened by FinTechs? SSRN.

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In January 2017, this article has been published with the title “Droht den Banken die
feindliche Übernahme durch FinTechs?” in the German journal Corporate Finance No.
01-02, p. 3-7. It is published on SSRN in English language with authorization of the