Seminar: Financial History, M.Sc.

This module is different: rather than proposing definite answers, in this seminar, we pose, reflect, and discuss relevant questions. Quantitative and methodological rigourous core modules are a natural and integral part of the M.Sc. Finance. But, we want to offer more for our students – we want to provide them with a holistic view on Finance. Weiterlesen

HSBA Study Trip 2017 – Hong Kong

 Photo by Base64 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In cooperation with my Ph.D. student Sinan Tıraş  I plan to travel to Hong Kong in October 2017 – if you elect this destination.

Update Feb 15th, 2017: The trip is booked, so we are happy to travel to Hong Kong with you! A few spots are still available

Since Sinan has lived in Hong Kong, he has written the following  study trip description: Weiterlesen