PC-Lab: Computational Finance, M.Sc.

This module has two main goals: it serves as a repetition of content students should already be familiar with as well as an application by transferring formulas into action. We rely on Excel, VBA, and MATLAB as software packages and cover basic concepts from B.Sc. studies as well as CFA Level I content. First and foremost, the essential time value of money, followed by applications in risk management as well as asset pricing, e.g. bonds, derivatives, and portfolios. By the end of this course, the participants are able to remember and to understand these basic concepts and they learned to apply these concepts on real data. Weiterlesen

HSBA Study Trip 2017 – Hong Kong

 Photo by Base64 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In cooperation with my Ph.D. student Sinan Tıraş  I plan to travel to Hong Kong in October 2017 – if you elect this destination.

Update Feb 15th, 2017: The trip is booked, so we are happy to travel to Hong Kong with you! A few spots are still available

Since Sinan has lived in Hong Kong, he has written the following  study trip description: Weiterlesen

HSBA Exkursion nach London

London calling! Mit 14 HSBA Studierenden begebe ich mich vom 3. bis 7. Oktober in die aktuelle Nummer Eins der Global Financial Centres. Auch dieses Jahr wartet ein spannendes Programm auf uns: Wir besuchen das King’s College, das Imperial War Museum, die Royal Bank of Scotland, Veritas Investment, Bloomberg, Lloyds, Alpha Insurance, TokioKiln Group, Bank of England Museum und die HSBC. Außerdem steht eine Pub Tour an. Ich bin gespannt wie die Stadt den Brexit verkraftet — zumindest die Preise sind dank des Rekordtiefs des Britischen Pfund vergleichsweise günstig.