Corporate Finance, MBA

This introductory lecture on Corporate Finance is a compulsory module of HSBA’s Corporate Management MBA program. The course has two parts: the first one is about time value of money and capital budgeting; and the second part covers financing decisions and financial instruments.

Students will learn about interest rates and their impact on investment decisions, the different investment criteria, and how to make investment plans. Furthermore, they will explore how large corporates finance themselves, first and foremost by bonds and stocks. This includes valuation, issuing and balancing of both instruments. During our journey through the Corporate Finance basics we will also discover two models, which have won the Nobel Prize.

Prerequisites for the course include fundamental mathematical and statistical skills as well as Excel® basics. A detailed table of content is available in the first lecture or upon request.

The course comprises 40 contact hours, including the exam. The didactical approach relies on impulse lectures, exercises, case studies, Excel® application, and self-learning with the recommended references.


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