Financial Markets & Risk Management, MBA

HSBA’s Corporate Management is an applied MBA with a wide angle to prepare students for a career in management. In the second year, students elect between three different specializations — the Financial Markets & Risk Management specialization is headed by myself. The idea behind this specialization is to provide insights into the Finance profession.

Financial Markets & Risk Management comprises four modules. In the first module, Data Analysis and Statistics, students learn the mathematical and statistical basics for Finance and Risk Management. The course is performed by Dr. Joachim Schneegans. In the second module, Asset Management, students experience how to evaluate basic financial instruments like stocks and bonds. Furthermore, they will explore how portfolios can be build and how diversification works. This course is performed by Manon Johnson. The third module is about Financial Risk Management. The fourth module is a Research Seminar in cooperation with Hamburger Wertpapierbörse and Dr. Thomas Ledermann (one of the two members of the board of managers).

The educational approach relies on case studies, Excel® exercises, inverted classroom concepts, and guest lectures. Beyond content, this specialization is about problem-solving competences.